In the northern portion of the Kaselreich, there is a city called Algenburg. It is one of the largest port cities in the Reich, and until recently it was autonomous because of the great power of its mercantile interests. Ultimately the Reich overpowered the burgeoning merchant city, and returned it to the fold. However, the city's merchant elite have adapted well, and continue to ply their lucrative businesses despite the loss of autonomy.

The city was built over an old pagan town, and the catacombs beneath it, which are now used to store Genosian dead, were only the first layer of a much larger, much more expansive system that has never been truly explored.

In the center of town is a pit, so deep that no man has ever seen the bottom of it. It was once surrounded by a great ring of sluices, stone bowls, and alters. When the Kasonic Order conquered the place, it was found that sacrifices were made to some grotesque old gods, and that the blood of slain bulls was poured through these sluices into the deep pit in terrifying amounts, as part of their ritual.

The Genosians of course destroyed the alters and the sluices, and attempted to fill the pit in, but no amount of earth seemed to be able to bring the bottom to light. It is said that in a fit of rage and zeal, the old infidel inhabitants of the town were themselves cast into the pit. It has since then been re-purposed as a garbage disposal.

It is said that sometimes, in the night, strange groups congregate to continue pouring blood into the pit with buckets, sneaking past the city watch. To what end, nobody knows. A local inspector is trying to ascertain the truth of these events, but he has met with a stone wall in oldtown, where the inhabitants simply refuse to speak on the subject, even under threat.


The city is known for the gargantuan seaweed fields that fill its bays. A peculiar strain grows there, that can be found nowhere else on Vosca, thin stems covered in little fish-egg like fruits. These are edible, and very delicious. They are one of the staples of the Algenburger diet, and are also popular with visitors. Many have tried to cultivate them elsewhere, but all attempts have so far failed.

Zells never touch the stuff, as it makes them violently sick. Nobody is sure why, but nobody really cares either. As a precaution, other Din tend to avoid it. If something can make a Zell sick, who wouldn't it make sick?