One of two Celestial Gods, Bocanadessia rules Eternal Karthack.

Where Genosus is vague and nebulous, Bocanadessia is straightforward and unambiguous. She offers her faithful the gardens of her great palace, in the world where the moon goes when it darkens, which is the next life. Her strictures demand obedience to the state, and to the laws of the state.

In a way, her involvement is fairly minimal. The Emperor gives the orders, though presumably he receives orders or suggestions from her, and the orders are followed. However, there are a few major effects of having a living deity periodically visit one's capital.

The Moon Goddess Bocanadessia appears in many forms, and is said to appear differently to every person except the Zophkagas, who all see her as she truly is.

Most see her as an exquisitely beautiful woman with white hair and red eyes, surrounded by tendrils of unearthly light that radiate out from her like wings. She is constantly surrounded by the Song, and glides above the ground like a tuft of down in the wind.

She is only seen very rarely, and to speak to her is a blasphemy without par. According to Zophkaga Shastamannos, she plays a brutal game of Tarot.


The first is the Song. Everyone in Karthack can hear it, when the goddess returns to the capital city. Even on the outside of Karthack, it is faint, but it is there. Much in the same way that the first cult formed, the people of Karthack, and all of the faithful abroad, receive impulses, premonitions, and desires from Bocanadessia that push them to obey her will. The effect of the Song is strengthening and motivating. Armies empowered with it act in alarming unison. People enthralled by it show unspeakable courage. In everyday life, the Shuls whistle it as they go about their daily labors. In this way, because of the moon goddess, Karthack has what no other state on Mundus has: Instant, nation-wide communication.


Over the ages, Bocanadessia has produced many children with various husbands. These children are more than just offspring, they are the ascended, reincarnated souls of her greatest servants, and even of some of her former husbands.

The Silver Ones are Ascendant Humans, much like the Genosian Paladins are. There are significant differences between them, of course, but they both serve their deities with terrible dedication. The Silver Ones are few in number, but they act as the direct agents of the Moon in times when even trusted mortal servants won't do.


  • "Boca na" may mean "mouth without" of "mouth born of" depending on intended real-world language analogue.