Clachland is the home of the Clachish people, a hardy, warrior like bunch. They live in a hard land, split between the hills and valleys of the Highlands, and the plains and rivers of the Lowlands. You will find incredibly different people from the Lowlands to the Highlands.

Clachland and Albion have been perennial enemies for centuries, and wars fought between the two states occured frequently. Clachland engineered the downfall of Albion, and the rise of the Krajina, essentially through manipulating succession law. With their old rivals weakened and enslaved, the Clachish prospered off of rich trade with their neighbors and with foreign lands. Clachland's supremecy over the Slivers seemed assured. Clachish mercenaries traveled all over the continent, and adventurers from the country are famous for their tenacity and courage.

Unfortunately for everyone, Krajina was a more canny and ruthless foe than the Albish ever were, and just when things seemed to be winding down, the Krajini conquered Kyrnhau, one of the largest independent Sliver Kingdoms, through treachery. With a newly conquered province and its wealth, Krajina was now powerful enough to slug it out with Clachland in a war that would shake the Slivers. The war killed huge portions of both countries' populations, and in the end, they relied on mercenaries to carry the fight on, adding to the devastation and further draining their coffers.

The war ended with no decisive victor, and with Krajina and Clachland militarily and economically exhausted. Worse still, after viewing the devastation of the war, certain other powers, like Gearloch and Galli, have begun eyeing both Clachish and Krajini assets, and another war is sure to follow soon.


The Clachish are also too remote and embroiled in war with Krajina to really pay more than lip service to the ideals of Solar Chivalry. Clachish knights are purely martial, but each has the patronage of a local guild or group. So a Clachish knight might bear the emblem of the masons of his town, but he's almost certainly not a mason, he just represents them. Sort of like religiously motivated corporate sponsorship.