Certain large breeds can grow obscenely large. The Zellish Ovcharka, Dacian Volkodav, Sliver Mastiff and Ruvian Molossers are the largest.

The Zellish Ovcharka and Dacian Volkodov are both derivatives of the now very rare Karthakasel Shepherd Dog. The Zellish Ovcharka has adapted to live on the Zellislava, and can now (in a rudimentary sense) share in the Dream of a Zellish crew.

The Dacian Volkodov can (with a good diet) grow to the size of a bear, and only recently was a breeding program abandoned that had been aimed at producing specimens large enough to carry men into battle.

Both of these beasts lack the intelligence and loyalty of the Sliver Mastiff, which is itself derived from the Ruvian Molosser. This family of dog is better known for intelligence and endurance than sheer strength, and they are the first choice as far as war dogs go.

Also popular are the Clachish Borfhound and the Kamen Carriage Dog. The former is known for its superb sense of smell, and extremely loud bark ("BORF") audible at distances comparable to that of a lion's roar, and the latter is known for its sleek black pelt and unlimited stamina, as well as its ability to learn very complicated tricks.