The Genosian Sunchamber serves as a place of worship for followers of Genosus, and can take many forms. It can be as simple as a collection of mirrors carried by a nomadic tribe, or as complex as a multi-story cylindrical structure. Regardless of its form, its intention is simple. The Sunchamber is designed to focus sunlight on the worshipers inside, so that they can feel Genosus "All around them", as well as be ritually cleansed. It can do this so well that it becomes dangerous to stay inside one for longer than a mere minute. Being aware of the intense heat produced by these structures, the use of them in Genosian religious services is limited to a few special days. Additionally, Genosian people have discovered that various lotions help blunt the effects of the concentrated sunlight, and the applications of these prior to entering the Sunchamber has become a ritual of its own.