Jimmy Rome (power word James T. Lacombe) is a game designer, community interact-with-er, and general purpose catamite. He is among the most important people of Opaque Industries, along with Claymore and under John Galt, and the one who most frequently interacts directly with fans. He often provides paragraphs of fluff knowledge, and receives and processes bug reports for Song of Swords.

The following is a complete list of all Jimmy's posts, to be scoured for content which belongs on this wiki whenever someone gets around to it: [1]

Trivia Edit

-Jimmy Rome is almost comically prolific on /tg/, having penned dozens of posts which appear in copypasta threads to this day

-Jimmy's tastes in music are eclectic and nonsensical. He seems to like Johnny Cash, Childish Gambino and Fallout Boy.

-Jimmy Rome is a Republican, but voted for Jill Stein in the 2016 elections because he thought it would be funny, and has a mancrush on Mike Pence.

-Jimmy Rome claims to be a Libertarian, but once took a political compass test offered by a fan and came out slightly more extreme of an authoritarian than Adolf Hitler. He admitted to answering more liberally than he normally would because he was afraid of offending his fans. On the Right/Left scale he is fairly centrist.

-Jimmy Rome's favorite author is David Gemmell, and his favorite TV series is Horatio Hornblower.

-Jimmy Rome has a youtube channel under the name Hendel McCaughn.

-Jimmy Rome attended a Waldorf school as a child, the weird occult practices of which led him to forays into Thelema, medieval occultism and eventually to Sedevacantist Conservative Catholicism. In a bizarre twist, he recently converted to Mormonism because "the current pope is a communist."

-Jimmy Rome has stated before that he likes "tankies" (Stalinist communists who look favorably on the Soviet Union) because "they're honest."

-Jimmy is very personable and loves the SoS fandom, and is easy to approach. Go bother him right now.

-Jimmy might live with Croaker, as once upon passing out drunk, Croaker posted in his stead, answering questions and providing pictures of elves in various stages of undress.

-Jimmy's favorite animal is the leopard seal. He has stated publicly that this is because their mouths naturally turn up at the corners, which causes them to look smug at all times.