Sedeas, called the Wolf of Karthack, is one of the God-King's favored men.


Sedeas wields two Karthacki Dueling Swords, which are straight thrusting weapons with no guards. Sedeas' favored pair are actually training swords--meaning they have no edges either, though the points are just as deadly as the real deal. He uses training swords as a handicap to make his fights more interesting--he is one of the finest duelists in Vosca, and enjoys a challenge.

Sedeas has a long history (most of which is a state secret) in service to Karthack and the God-King. He acts as an agent for the will of the throne, and is empowered to act outside of the Caste System in the interests of Karthack.

Some say that in recent days, something has gone terribly awry for him, but since officially he does not exist, (despite this being the worst-kept secret in Karthack) there have obviously been no official statements by the authorities.

He's an exquisite fighter, and certainly ranks high up there with fighters like Kal'Ceska, Sulla, and even Gizka, though they have never fought. Sedeas distinguishes himself by being unorthodox, but fair. He fights with two weapons (weirdo) and he fights with training weapons because he thinks it brings him down to his opponent's level, and he also fights very... Fairly. He's a contestant of pure skill, who believes in giving people a fair chance at victory. At the same time though, he uses two swords, which is weird, and does weird things with them.