Your help with the Tattered Realms wiki is appreciated, and if you don't stick to these principles that's fine – it's far better to provide a foundation for someone else to tweak than to do nothing, and if the wiki isn't perfect that's only to be expected. However, the following principles are intended to keep the wiki uniformly useful, pretty, and growing.


On this wiki, all terms unique to the Tattered Realms should be a link the first time they appear. This is true whether the page exist or not; if it does not exist it becomes part of the agenda to add it.

As with all wikis, you link to a page using a pair of double brackets, like so:


On Wikia, you can omit part of the word if needed, in order to make the link work. So


becomes Karthacki.


Often, a page could have multiple names, and names might vary depending on if you use plural or singular, and on whether you use "the". There is no firm guideline on which to use in a given situation, but you should strive to use the one which is the most common and correct form of address for the thing in question. Other names, then, should become redirects. To make a redirect, create a new page with the name you intend to be redirected, with a redirect hash and a link to the page you want to redirect to, which should look like this:

#REDIRECT [[Eternal Karthack]]


Jimmy often uses a double-dash in his text. This is because his keyboard lacks an n-dash, and is not intended typography. If you have the ability to produce an n-dash, feel free to replace these. Something like

to hear the song in earnest--and moreover

should be replaced by

to hear the song in earnest – and moreover


Pages in wikia can be attributed "categories", which are groupings of similar pages that link to each other. You can view a list of extant categories at Special:Categories. If a category exists that is relevant to a page, add it. If such a category doesn't exist but you think it should, add it anyway and it will be automatically created.

To add a category, type it into the category box in the right side column while editing a page, or into the category box at the bottom of the page content when not editing. Press enter when you are done typing it.

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